18th Nov 2016 19:31:00

Voting progress and Chat watch features

Voting progress feature has been updated and there's a new feature: Chat Watch.
The voting progress indicator has been added to the contest page and the entry page, it will show how many votes you have left to cast to reach full ratio. Please note that you will only see it if you have entered that contest.

A new feature has been added: the possibility to watch the Chat Wall. Click on "Watch the chat wall" button in the chat wall page, just under the title. When you are not on the chat page, you wll receive a notification when someone posts something. A maximum of 10 unread notifications of this kind will be delivered to you, if you already have 10, no more will be added until you visit the chat wall. Please note that these notifications will be deleted after 24 hours if not viewed.

Hope you enjoy these new features.


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