29th Oct 2016 12:40:00

The voting system was updated

Please read about this important update to the voting system
The voting system has been updated to include a new feature: whenever you enter a contest the ratio of your entry will not reach full 1.00 if you haven't voted for a percentage of other entries that have been posted. More in detail:
  • A "voting progress" counter will appear below the contest title in the contest's page, showing how many votes are left for you to cast in that contest.
  • In any contest you enter you should vote for at least 80% of the participating entries. This number is rounded up to the highest integer. For example: a contest has 15 entries, minus yours that makes 14. The 80% of 14 is 11.2. This means you should vote for at least 12 entries in that contest for your entry to reach full ratio.
  • The penalty applied to the entry's ratio for not casting  the above described minimum number of votes is set at 0.1, this means your entry's ratio will reach a maximum of 0.9. Once you have cast the required votes your entry's ratio will reach 1.00, provided your entry has the amount of votes necessary.

In addition, a checkbox has been added to the upload page, just below entry description, that lets you watch the contest you are entering. This can be disabled but it is highly recommended to leave it checked in light of the updates described above.

Please note that open contests will be affected by this update, so check if your voting progress is 100%! :)


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