19th Oct 2016 13:55:00

New feature: Watch contests or entries

You now have the possibility of being up to date on contests on entries you are interested in.
A new feature has been added to PhotoshopNation: Watch a contest or watch a single entry. The feature is available only on open and non-anonymous contests. In addition, two new options have been added to your profile settings that let you decide whether to receive alerts only on-site or have an email delivered to you, both for your own entries and on watched ones. To set these preferences click on the cogwheels icon in your tools on the upper right corner of the page (or go into your citizen record and click on "Settings" then select the "Profile" tab).
Here's how to enable the feature:
Navigate to an open contest, then click on the "Watch this contest" button located just under the contest title. By doing so you will be alerted of any new activity on this contest, including new votes, new comments and newly posted entries.
If you wish to receive alerts only on specific entries, navigate to an entry page and click on the "Watch this entry" button. You will be notified of new activity, specifically new votes or comments" on this entry andon  any other you decide to watch. This button is not available if you are already watching the contest it was entered in.
Please note that you will not receive alerts on new votes or comments if you haven't voted for that entry. You will however receive an alert if a new entry is posted when you are watching a contest. In addition, if you are online at the moment the alert is issued, no email will be sent, even if you have decided to receive one, as it assumes you have read the alert while online and there's no need to send out an email.


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great, thank you

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