25th Jul 2017 14:49:00

New role for Tokens, an extra time attack contest per week

Tokens have now a more important and defined role
Dear Citizens, we have modified the way tokens are used on the site. They now are necessary to enter Sponsored and Treasure contests. They will contribute to the contest pot for 50 coins each. Tokens are no longer usable to enter Regular and Bounty contests, you can enter these contest only by using photocoins. At registration, for new members, the bonus has changed from 5 tokens to 100 coins and 2 tokens. All existing members keep their tokens, they will also have 100 coins added to their account where they have zero. Please allow a few days for this to happen. In order to allow members to acquire tokens to enter the speial contests, an extra Time Attack contest will be taking place every week, on Sundays, thus replacing the Anonymous contest. In addition, another feature will be added In the next few days: the possibility of exchanging photocoins for tokens. One token can be exchanged for 90 coins. Please note that Treasure and Sponsored contest could in some cases require photocoins to enter.



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sounds good!

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