How to Auto-Select Objects or Areas in Focus in an Image in Photoshop CC 2017

16th Apr 2018 19:26:21 - ( 0 Comments)
Author: PixImperfect - Level: Intermediate
How to Auto-Select Objects or Areas in Focus in an Image in Photoshop CC 2017
Automatically select or mask areas in-focus in an image in Photoshop. What if we could tell Photoshop to remove the areas which are out-of-focus so that you could easily replace the background? In this video, we'll dive deep into a new feature called "Focus Area" to select the objects which are in focus. â–º DOWNLOAD - The Project Image:
However, here's the catch with Focus Area. As with any other tools, this doesn't provide you with excellent ready masks right off the bat. Of course, there are certain adjustments and processes we need to go through which we will discuss in the video. The feature gives you a lot of flexibility to modify your selections. For example, if Photoshop selected an object which was out of focus by mistake, there are tools that allow you to just click on that object and the selection goes away, and vice versa. Besides being able to control how much of a focused area is selected, you can also switch over to "Select and Mask" dialog box to ever further refine your selection using the most sophisticated and advanced tools in Photoshop. These features are only applicable in Photoshop CC 2015.5 or later. We are going to cover 'em all in the most easy-to-digest way possible. Hope this video helps you. Thanks for watching! â–º SUBSCRIBE:
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