The Autumn Color Hack to Add Mood in Photoshop

16th Apr 2018 19:03:29 - ( 0 Comments)
Author: PixImperfect - Level: Intermediate
The Autumn Color Hack to Add Mood in Photoshop
Change the season to autumn within seconds in Photoshop. In this video, we'll learn two very simple techniques of applying the autumn color effect that gives your image more drama and warmth. This effect enhances the mood of the image and also adds more emotion to it. This color effect works charms for portraits as it adds warmth to the relationship between the subjects in the image. In this tutorial, I'll show you two ways to achieve it very easily. One using the selective color and curves adjustment layer (of which we will create an action) and the other using Lab colors! Sounds a little strange? You'll see, it's fun! â–º SUBSCRIBE:
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