Fit Image to Canvas Automatically in Photoshop

16th Apr 2018 19:46:36 - ( 0 Comments)
Author: PixImperfect - Level: Beginner
Fit Image to Canvas Automatically in Photoshop
Is there a "Fit to Canvas" option in Photoshop? Of course, there is! But it's named differently. Learn how to automatically resize and fit images to canvas in Photoshop. In this tutorial, we'll explore ways to not only import, resize and fit your images to the given canvas automatically but also learn to fit canvas to the image! Looking at strategies to handle very huge images on a small canvas or vice versa, this video covers all you need to know about automatic and manual resizing in Photoshop. Unlike other Adobe applications like InDesign, etc. Photoshop does not exactly have such an option that allows you to fit anything to canvas. However, there exists something very similar if you add the images a little differently. That's what we are going to talk about in this Photoshop tutorial. Hope this video helps you! PiXimperfect is free, and will always be. â–º Support the cause:
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