How to Upload High Quality Photos on Facebook | Best Resolution 2017 and Beyond

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How to Upload High Quality Photos on Facebook | Best Resolution  2017 and Beyond
Learn how to upload high quality pictures to facebook or any other social media. In this video, we will scientifically figure out the best resolution for facebook photos which can also be used in any other social platform like Instagram, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest. Not only that, we will also learn how to optimize your images in Photoshop for the best possible quality in social media as directly uploading a huge file leads to a lot of compression and loss in quality along and a massive amount of time especially when you are uploading multiple photos. â–º DOWNLOAD Caesium:
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Unlike other websites which give you a definite number for the resolution, I'm going to give you the key to find out the best resolution by yourself. That way, no matter how many times Facebook or Twitter updates itself, you'll always have the right information as to how much resampling, scaling or compression is required for best results. Uploading high resolution photos to facebook makes no sense because eventually Facebook resizes and compresses them. You need to upload the RIGHT resolution which we'll find out "scientifically" in this video. There's been a lot of changes in Facebook since 2016 and many blogs are giving away wrong or outdated information about what your image size should be. Have you wondered how they figure out the image size? It's actually pretty simple and I'll cover that too. Be it your cover, post, profile picture or any other kind of posts where pictures are involved. You need not remember numbers or resolution. Just this simple, easy and very logical trick will do the magic. We'll also learn how to reduce image file size without losing quality for facebook. There's no need to upload a 10 MB image. Instead, even if we upload a 300 KB image, you'll see that it won't make much of a difference especially when social media is concerned. â–º Hope this was helpful, you can SUBSCRIBE to my channel at:


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