Unlocking Instagram-Like Filter Presets in Photoshop

16th Apr 2018 16:55:10 - ( 0 Comments)
Author: PixImperfect - Level: Beginner
Unlocking Instagram-Like Filter Presets in Photoshop
Did you know photoshop has a hidden set of presets and filters? Instagram Filters have always been our favorites, wouldn't it be great if we could apply them to our high-quality images and produce images of high resolution? In this video, we explore a hidden method which you might never have heard of to apply filters in Photoshop. No, we are not talking about extensive editing, levels, curves etc. We are talking about one click Instagram-like filters in Photoshop. Don't be mistaken, we are also not talking about the filter gallery. This is a completely new approach and was quite quietly and secretly put up by Adobe as a feature in later versions of Photoshop. Watch a very quick way to even browse through filters and see how they look in your images. Also, there are thousands of filters of this type that can by downloaded online and loaded into Photoshop. so, it's a win-win method. Give it a try. Also, do let me know your feedback in comments below. If there is some question you have, please feel free to ask. I'll reply to all of them. I promise. Download link of the image used: https://goo.gl/NcaVvZ
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