Create Highly Realistic Shadows by Detaching Drop Shadow in Photoshop

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Author: PixImperfect - Level: Advanced
Create Highly Realistic Shadows by Detaching Drop Shadow in Photoshop
A Super-Simple way to create and cast highly realistic shadows in Photoshop by detaching the drop shadow! In this video, we are going to extract the drop shadow on its own layer and modify it using some advanced blurring and softening techniques along with little lighting effects like dodging. â–º DOWNLOADS: 1. Sample Images:
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In this tutorial, we will be creating long shadows by simply taking advantage of the "Drop Shadow" feature in "Blending Options" in Photoshop. The basic idea is that we'll learn a way to put the drop shadow on its own layer. Since the drop shadow is already a "shadow", we will then one or more transform tools to shape it according to the position of the light. And then, blur it naturally and gradually, depending upon how light falls on the object. For applying advanced blurring, we will use the amazing Blur Gallery, which in itself is a complete dialog box, giving you lots of different types of blurring options that can be used in combination with each other. To give the shadow a final touch. It is important to darken the area of the object where near the shadow as there must not be any light in there. Finally, you can tweak the opacity and blend-if sliders to match the shadow with the environment. â–º SHARE:
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