Create Beautiful Skin Tones Using Gradient Map in Photoshop

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Create Beautiful Skin Tones Using Gradient Map in Photoshop
An amazing way to create and change skin tones and color in Photoshop using Gradient Maps. Instead of trying to fix the skin tone or modifying it, in this video, we will generate our own tones, choosing the desired highlight, mid-tone, and shadow! You can do this with or without a reference image. Whether you want to copy a skin tone from some other photo or you want to create your own, using Gradient maps makes it very simple, easy, and non-destructive. â–º DOWNLOADS: 1. Sample Images Shown in Tutorial:
(Free Download) 2. Finished PSDs of All 3 Examples:
(Free for our Patreon Family) Fixing the skin tone or trying to get the skin tone you want by manipulating the curves or other adjustments can be difficult and time-consuming. In this tutorial, we are taking a whole new approach where instead of modifying what's already there, we are going to learn how to create out own skin tone. We'll do this using an awesome but ignored adjustment layer called: Gradient Map. This adjustment layer will allow you to choose the colors of highlights, shadows, and mid-tones of anything that is underneath this layer. So the fundamental principle here is this: Using either a reference image, or by ourselves, we will select and choose the respective colors of highlights, shadows, and mid-tones and put it into gradient map. Then, using a mask, we will limit the effect to the skin. Of course, we would need other adjustment layers like curves, and Hue/Saturation to control the brightness/darkness of the skin and the intensity of the skin color respectively. Hope this video helps you! Cheers! PiXimperfect is free, and will always be. â–º SUPPORT the cause:
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