How to Shave in Photoshop 😉

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How to Shave in Photoshop 😉
Everyone talks about growing a beard when it comes to Photoshop, but not so many about shaving. Learn how to naturally remove facial hair especially stubble using a very simple but efficient technique that gives your subject a clean shave. â–º DOWNLOAD THE IMAGE HERE:
Why the need to shave in Photoshop? Well, when it comes to facial hair/beard, in case of men, it grows really fast. More often than not, chances are, a little bit of hair here there might be left. In which case, Photoshop needs to be called for rescue. In this video, we are going to use the "smart" clone stamp tool to get out job done! I know what you're thinking, is there something as smart clone stamp? Apparently no, but we can make one. This "smart" clone stamp tool is smart enough to only paint over single hair and not over the skin, thus protecting the details between two hair and also generating a new skin over the hair. This technique is not only limited to shaving but also to remove dark spots and blemishes with high-quality results and it just only paints over the blemish, unlike the other healing or cloning tools which span a little extra. Honestly, guys, this tutorial is basically aimed at introducing you to a new tool. How you use it, is totally upon you! â–º SUBSCRIBE:
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