Magic Tool to Extend Hair Automatically in Photoshop

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Magic Tool to Extend Hair Automatically in Photoshop
2 Versatile Ways to get Long hair in Photoshop, that looks Natural! Using the Hidden Content-Aware Move tool to make astonishing extensions and automatic connections of hair, we are going to learn how to increase the length of the hair without any hassle. For the times when this tool won't show it's magic, we'll go the basic way. In this tutorial, we are going to learn 2 versatile ways to extend the length of the hair in Photoshop. For the second method, we'll be simply sampling hair and duplicating it. Sounds lame? Well, it is indeed powerful! We'll use tools like warp and free transform to get the hair match the end, and once it does, utilizing the power of layer masks, we will smooth out the edges, letting the new hair to blend in. The second method has its own advantages over the first in which we used the Content-Aware Move Tool. Once you have created an extension by duplicating the hair, you won't have to create it again. You can easily keep copying the hair extension layer, again and again, to keep increasing the length of the hair. Along the tutorial, I'm going to share with you some key tips and tricks to get you up and running. For example, tips on using specific blend modes to match and line up the hair in Photoshop. Maybe we'll make a Rapunzel or two! Hope you enjoyed this video. Thanks for watching! â–º SUBSCRIBE:
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