How to Color Match in Photoshop that Looks Real

16th Apr 2018 19:05:46 - ( 0 Comments)
Author: PixImperfect - Level: Advanced
How to Color Match in Photoshop that Looks Real
Easily Match Color with these 5 Simple Steps for composites or photo manipulation in Photoshop CC. In order for the composite to look real and natural, it is essential to have similar lighting and color in all the elements added. In this video, we'll learn a very quick and simple technique to match the color of the subject to that of the background. STEPS: 1. Our first job would be to match the lighting, that is, the brightness, contrast, the direction of light, brightness of highlights and shadows, etc. We'll accomplish this very simply by using a curves adjustment layer. 2. Then, out next objective would be to match the color. Since we'll be working with adjustment layers and smart objects, every adjustment that we make will be totally non-destructive in nature. Now, we will simply make a copy of the background layer and place it above the element that we want to match the color of. 3. We'll then apply a gaussian blur to the background image layer above the element all the way to a point where the background completely blurs out and all you can see are colors. 4. Then, change the same layer to a clipping mask so that it only applies to the element. 5. Lastly, simply change the blend mode of the blurred background layer to "Color" and lower down the opacity and you're done! Hope this video helped you! Thanks for watching! â–º SUBSCRIBE:
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