How to Add Light in Photoshop Using Dodge and Burn

16th Apr 2018 18:37:45 - ( 0 Comments)
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How to Add Light in Photoshop Using Dodge and Burn
Learn how to add depth and dimension to your images by using dodge and burn. With this technique, you can relight your whole scene and apply dramatic light effects. In this video, we are going to perform dodging and burning by using the method of creating a layer with 50 percent gray or neutral gray. First off, we are going to dig deep into what is dodging and burning and what are its purposes. Then I have three examples for you to exercise it, so that you have a clear understanding of how, when and where to apply it. We are going to apply dodge and burn by first creating a new layer filled with 50 percent gray and change the blend mode to overlay. Since overlay hides anything which is 50 percent gray, the layer will become transparent. Also, overlay brightens areas that are white and darkens areas that are black in the underlying later. Therefore, we are going to paint with a brush with colors black or white on the same layer to brighten or darken certain parts of them image. Dodge and burn fundamentally serves two purposes. It helps you recover the details from highlights and shadows and most importantly, adds dimension to your images. If you want to create the most dramatic light effects or want to relight or add an extra light, dodge and burn is your way to go. â–º Subscribe:
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