Voting rules

  • Voting occurs in every contest and it determines the final standing.
  • Every citizen has to enter at least  7 contests for their votes to be eligible to count in calculating other citizen's entries' scores.
  •  Every single vote has a score that can range from 1 to 100 points.
  •  Voting is not allowed on own entries.
  •  All votes, except new members' votes, contributes to the total score of an entry.
  •  Entry with highest Score wins the contest.
  •  Every Vote can be accompanied by a comment.
  • The creation of multiple accounts for friendly voting or other malicious purposes is strictly forbidden. Any user caught in such activity will be banned from the website.

Voting system & guidelines

The voting system on Photoshopnation is peculiar and it is aimed at reducing the nagging phenomenon of "friendly voting" to a minimum. All votes, scores, authors and entry information are hidden to view until you cast a vote on that entry, or until the contest ends. In anonymous contests (see Contests), such information is withheld until the end of the contest. Entry information is always visible to the author. When you cast a vote on an entry you also have to determine a score between 0 and 100 to go along with your vote. Click on the coloured bar just beneath the entry and slide left or right to assign your score, you can lock the bar from sliding by clicking on it again. This score will contribute to determine the entry's final score, which in turn is used to determine the final standing for every contest. Be mindful when you vote, when deciding what score to assign to an entry, please take this into consideration:
  • Use your common sense, visual experience, life experience and take your skill level into consideration;
  • How does the entry compare to its competitors in the same contest?
  • How well was it realized in terms of skill, technique, composition, color palette, cleanliness of work, precision?
  • Is it a very clever, funny or a very bad idea?
  • Does it adhere to the contest's theme or does it contain or use the source image in a meaningful way?
  • Generally, a rough cut & paste should be rated in the 20s, while a flawless entry from 80 and upwards. The rest falls in the middle;
  • Don't be either rude and score good looking entries from 0 to 10pts or  too nice by giving very high scores to average ones, by doing so in most cases you'll just lose Honour (See Honour).
  • When voting in a contest, don't limit yourself to voting on just a few entries, your opinion is important even on the entries you don't like. Please take a little time to vote if not on all entries, on at least 80-90% of the entries that have been submitted in a contest.
  • When you are a participant in a contest, you must vote on at least 80% of other entries posted in that contest in order for your entry to achieve full score. If you do not do so your score ratio will be locked at 0.9. You can check your voting progress either on any entry's page or in the contest's page, a blue dial will inform you on how many votes are necessary to achieve full score ratio.
Your vote is important, make it count! You only have one vote per entry.


  • Any active user can post comments on entries, even if not eligible for voting yet.
  • Comments can be upvoted or downvoted (+1 or -1) by other users, lower rating comments could be automatically hidden from view (such as offensive statements, personal attacks etc.) thus providing a self moderating system.
  • We encourage free expression, regardless of viewpoint, but require that such expressions be respectful of other people. 
  • You may not submit a comment that is abusive, defamatory, disrespectful, illegal, offensive or disparaging.

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