What is a source image?

Any contest except themed contests come paired with a "source image". This image must be used in the process of creating a new image to enter into the paired contest, it is up to you how it is used but be sure it is recognizable in your final artwork.

  • Source images are collected in a "source pool": it is a collection of images that have been submitted either by registered users or by the management.
  • Every registered member can submit any number of source images, upload them in Contests>Upload a contest source.
  • Once a source image is uploaded it has to approved by the management or by moderators to be usable in a contest.
  • Once the image has been approved it enters the "approved images" pool.
  • Once a day eight images are randomly picked from the "approved images" pool an put in a ballot for 24 hours to be voted on by registered users.
  • At the end of this period the image with the most votes will be picked to create a new contest.
  • If the contest falls on a Theme contest day, an extra day will be available to vote.
  • The source image uploader will receive a small amount of experience at the moment of upload, in the case the image is approved and also if the image is chosen for a contest (See Experience)
  • Images can also be selected for a contest by the management without them being subjected to users' evaluation. Experience is rewarded to the uploader if this case occurs.
  • Users can always keep track of their submitted sources wether hey have been approved for the queue, selected for a contest, rejected and the reason they were rejected for, in a specific section of their citizen record, under the "experience" and "sources" tabs.

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