• Users gain Experience points whenever they complete certain tasks. Tasks would include: posting an entry to a contest, winning or placing in a contest, having a tutorial published, having a source image approved, casting a “fair” vote, etc…
  •  Every new user would start at a “beginner” level 1, acquiring experience would “level” him/her up.
  •  Every set of levels has its own title and level set coat of arms.
  •  Experience is also taken into consideration in some special event (seeding for the yearly tournament, gaining the right to take part in certain special contests, bragging rights and more.)
  •  Experience never drops.
  •  Every experience reward received is logged and is visible in one’s citizen record.
  •  Experience earned in a contest is awarded only at the end of it.

Experience Actions

ActionExperience points
Casting a fair vote1
Rate skills on an entry1
Place 5th in a contest2
Upload a reference for a contest entry2
Upload a source image2
Vote for the next contest source2
Place 4th in a contest3
Source approved3
Vote on a Photography Contest Theme3
Vote on a Photoshop Contest Theme3
Place 3rd in a contest4
Comment on an entry (Once a day)5
Entering a free contest5
Post in chat (Once a day)5
Source selected5
Unlock a Contest5
Place 2nd in a contest7
Entering a contest with a token10
Entering a contest with photocoins10
At registration confirmed15
Place 1st in a contest15
Buy 500 Photocoins50
Gift 500 Photocoins50
Redeem bottlecaps50
Redeem photocoins50
Buy 1000 Photocoins150
Gift 1000 Photocoins150
Buy 2000 Photocoins300
Gift 2000 Photocoins300

Experience Levels

LevelLevel nameExp. fromExp toBadge
1Pixel swabbler0200Pixel swabbler
2Pixel Swabbler+201450Pixel Swabbler+
3Pixel Swabbler++451600Pixel Swabbler++
4Bevel Crafter601900Bevel Crafter
5Bevel Crafter+9011200Bevel Crafter+
6Bevel Crafter++12011500Bevel Crafter++
7Filter Stag15011800Filter Stag
8Filter Stag+18012100Filter Stag+
9Filter Stag++21012400Filter Stag++
10Shadow disciple24013000Shadow disciple
11Shadow Disciple+30013600Shadow Disciple+
12Shadow Disciple++36014200Shadow Disciple++
16Layer Marshal60016400Layer Marshal
17Layer Marshal+64016900Layer Marshal+
18Layer Marshal++69017500Layer Marshal++
19Path Breaker75018500Path Breaker
20Path Breaker+850110500Path Breaker+
21Path Breaker++1050113500Path Breaker++
22Raster Paladin1350117000Raster Paladin
23Raster Paladin+1700122000Raster Paladin+
24Raster Paladin++2200130000Raster Paladin++

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