currency uses a currency system to manage transactions between users and between users and the website. This currency system is used by members to enter and unlock contests.

There are three kinds of currency:


  • Photocoins can be acquired either by winning or placing in a contest, by buying set amounts, or by having another citizen give you a gift. Follow this link to acquire or gift  Photocoins.
  • Photocoins are not transferrable nor can they be sold by anyone but
  • Photocoins can only be purchased in Euros.
  • The value of 1 photocoin is set at 1 euro cent
  • Photocoins can be used to pay entry fees to enter and unlock contests.
  • A citizen can redeem his/her photocoins at any time, provided that he/she has reached the minimum requirements to do so. Minimum amount for redemption is 1000 Photocoins.
  • Photocoins never expire.
  • Every citizens' Photocoins purse value is anonymous and is up to the citizen's discretion to disclose it


  • Tokens can be acquired either by receiving a gift at the moment of registration (5 Tokens) or by winning the TIME ATTACK contest.
  • Token can also be acquired in special cases such as placing in a contest where the prize won is less then the entry fee.
  • Tokens can be used to enter all contests (unless it is written differently in the contest rules) when the user does not have enough Photocoins to enter.
  • Tokens are not redeemable.
  • Tokens never expire.


  • Bottlecaps can be acquired by placing 4th or 5th in the contests (unless it is written differently in the contest rules).
  • Bottlecaps can be redeemed as Photocoins reaching an amount of at least 1000 Bottlecaps.
  • 10 Bottlecaps face value is set at 1 Photocoin.
  • Bottlecaps never expire.

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