What is

Photoshopnation is a Photoshop Contest and Photography Contest based, creativity and community driven website, with a focus on photomanipulation.
Photoshopnation holds daily contests open to every member and awards daily prizes.
Photoshopnation promotes the learning experience so the helping of newer members by the more experienced users is encouraged either on the same entries by commenting , via the forums or chat, or via the tutorial section.
Photoshopnation uses an internal currency called photocoins (See "Currency") for the distribution of prizes to the first three placed entries of the daily contests. Every day a new high resolution ”source” image is released publicly 24 hours prior to that contest start time, registered users can then decide to manipulate that image to produce a new one and enter it into the contest paying an "entrance fee" by using his/her photocoins, or by using a Token.(more on this in "Contests" and "Currency").
The images are then voted and commented upon by every registered user who decides to do so and after a set period the contest is closed and the prize is distributed. Every user that enters a contest adds his/her entrance fee to a collective pot (“bounty”) to be split among the best placed images. One user's stats are also important and a matter of competition between users, who can also accumulate achievements, badges and other rewards by winning contests. Users are also rated on their experience level, which can be augmented by completing certain tasks, the higher the level the more perks and features are unlocked.

Cool, how do I start?

  • You need to register  a user account. Click on "Register" on the top-right of the page to start your registration process;
  • Registration for Photoshopnation is free of charge and open to anyone with no limitations in terms of geographical location, nationailty, sex, sexual preference, ethnic group, religious beliefs etc.;
  • Age of the registrant must be of 16yrs or older;
  • At the moment of registration, the registrant will have to provide a valid email address and a nickname to be known by; a confirmation email will be sent to the provided address. The account must be then activated by clicking on the link provided in said activation email.
  • If you do not receive this email, please check your spam folder. If you still have not received the activation email, please use the contact form under "Help>Contact us" to alert the management about the situation, the management can then activate your account.
  • Once activated, the new user will receive a 5 Token bonus to get started and a small amount of experience points.

Retrieve forgotten password

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