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Fri Apr 24, 2020 6:56 pm
The voting is........crazy. I'm done voting, not even going to look at the votes I get. I really like doing the photoshoping as it is a good hobby. All of my stuff takes me about 2-3 hours for a 40. I try to vote fairly, not what I think everyone else is voting, but sometimes shit is shit. I'll see how my entries come out when the voting is done and if I do okay then, okay. All I really care about is if I like what I have done.

There is a war here that is completely unnecessary. It is a photoshop contest, not a political campaign. So, there is no need to read the comments, even if they suggest changes that should be made. They are rarely productive anyway or would advance my skills. There are tutorials for that.

End of voting and end of rant.
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