Saving Before Uploading with "Save for Web"

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Fri Feb 02, 2018 8:38 am
I'm guessing that most of you use PS's file>"Save for the Web" function when you're saving to post in a contest. I'm curious what settings you use. I'm always wondering if my settings are best across a wide selection of monitors, especially for LED screens:


I always save at 100% for quality, which I guess is zero compression). This is likely overkill, but my photos usually end up with such a small file size that I just keep it this way.

I usually select "optimize" to reduce file size, but PS says the file is more compatible if you don't do this. So, is the colour more accurate on more machines if you don't optimize?

I set my preview setting to "colour monitor." (My thinking is PS is adjusting what I see as if I was looking at an average monitor. Good idea/bad idea?

"Quality," (resampling method), I go to "bi-cubic." Don't ask me why! I think because it defaults there. I really have no idea... lol.

Really interested to see what your using for settings, but more importantly, why or why not to use them ;) .
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